LOG-IN no:2

20th March, 2016

One would assume that the most likely cause of overdosing to death is by drugs. That one wasn’t me. I’m never wrong. Slightly off topic when discussing points outside my domain of dominance, yes. But never wrong. Back to the ‘one’. He/She is an idiot (She kept capital to keep the feminazis at bay). ‘10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Atmosphere Pollution’ pop-up ads led me to the undeniable conclusion that people are more likely to overdose on common poisonous gases in the atmosphere than by drugs.

In fact, a small research on a social blog by an anonymous bipolar writer showed that more people died OUTSIDE of a lead pipe factory by poisonous air than by drug overdosing (which was , however, predominant INSIDE the factory). I knew then and there that the topic for my next subject regarding the content of which I shall write would be regarding drugs overdose. So here we go.

Drugs. Hate ‘em or love ‘em, try ‘em and only one feeling remains. Since I have certain limitations to my writings (Hi mom!) , I won’t tell you which feeling.

We know drugs can come in different shapes and forms, from syrups to pills to powder to leaves, to vapor to gas to visual to surgical types (so I hear) and in different packaging like syringes or capsules, or bottles or inhalers or plants or in over loaded trousers of college students or the travel bags of tropical tourists (just saying). Basically you would have come across them once in your lifetime and depending on which one crossed your path, we can assume how many more times you’ve had that honor.

I had the pleasure of tracking down and talking to the Principal of the ‘Anti Poppy Society’ or A.P.S, a with-drawl therapy foundation with one branch, 4 employees, no donor and 3 participants. I asked him how he tackled such a difficult task of reverting people back to their normal state of mental health. He told me that rehab was the job of hospitals and in turn asked me a question I was thoroughly unprepared for.

“Have you ever wondered how the ‘Principal of A.P.S’ sounds a lot like the ‘Pinnacle of apex’?”

I pleaded ignorance over the matter, for I had never pondered over the topic and had always, in my views, imagined apex to have some curvature.

Returning to the topic, I asked him what exactly he does as his profession. He laughed it off and asked me what exactly I did as a profession. I laughed it off and we bid each other farewell and parted ways. The man had clearly a wealth of wisdom behind his dark, bloodshot, puffy eyes.

I next visited a local bar, behind which was an alley notorious for drug dealings. I had planned to snap a picture of a drug trade in the act and report it to a news company worthy of my attendance  to gain my big break. So, I snuck out back, saw three beefed up and toned men beating a junkie to a lifeless pulp and then tossing him a white pouch, for which he thanked them. I personally never understood fraternity admission customs.

I did, however, understand that they had spotted me and I ran like Speedy Gonzales outta there, dropping my camera as I did. My fear had cost me the scoop I had been yearning for.

There are a few advantages of living a life of fear. For one thing, things don’t disappoint or surprise you. You’re always mentally ready for the worst and the best of all you learn to wait and wait and wait until the danger passes. So you become very watchful and very patient indeed. Bottom line being, I can sure as hell try again. Probably when those thugs shrink down a bit. Makes for a larger audience in one picture.


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