Suspended on life’s fragile thread

Slithering, yet watchful of every tread
Patiently still until the light has passed
Scurrying to gather a piece of bread

For this is the life, which we have bred

No promise nor deed is yet secured

For the worthless lives we have insured
While humanity’s essence remains the same
No bodily being has yet matured

For this is the life, we live and endure

Banned men with unseen frowns

Idolizing superiors to whom they bow
For tyranny rules these ‘little’ men

To whom this man was divinely crowned

For this is the life, we are living now

Through all their delicate, hollow claims
They are forced to burden with the pain
Despite injustice, do not flee
Adopting religion for mere blame

For this is the life, that we do claim

Mere creatures self-deluded, damned
Cursing life a “Senseless stand”

Where men dig their sins out of its ashes

To burn them all to dust again

For this is the life, we live at hand

Illogically adopting all worldly traits

No tears shed for love of faith

Yet, death awaits on every breath

All roads in life lead to one gate

For this is the life, which is ordained

(picture credit to the owner, I just googled it)


4 thoughts on “FOR THIS IS THE LIFE

  1. Dear Mujtaba — First of all let me say “Thank You” for the comment you left on “The Ripening Wanderer” blog this morning. I most truly do appreciate receiving your comment and I hope that you visit with me often and share your thoughts. I have read into your blog and have discovered that the words you write are filled with inspiration and I am sure I will be referring to your writings often to get ideas for blog posts I might want to write on my own blog. Thank you again for visiting with me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Witgh the high quality of your writing I am sure you will receive plenty of new friends and readers before you can even realize what has happened. The trick is to keep going in slow times and fast times. In time the audience intended to find you will find you and you will be rewarded by your blogging experience like nothing else you have ever done.

        Liked by 1 person

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