Chapter 1: The Perfect Family

Chapter 2: It’s Not Right

He taught me about the stars and how the waves move in the ocean, he taught me about flavor and how sound moves through the air, he taught me about the life of a bee and that of a frog and told me the rules of decency, politeness, and safety.

“What do you do if you see a hurt bird outside?”
“I bring it in so that we can make it better.” “Correct.”
“ What do you do if someone calls home or comes to visit?”
“I fetch you or Mother to help them.” “Very good.”
“What do you do if someone asks you something you don’t understand?”
“I say: I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.” “Exactly, well done.”

Father told me that I was learning important stuff very quickly and that one day I could be as smart, if not smarter than even him. Then I just have to be smarter than Mother, and I’ll be the smartest person in the house. That did make me a bit jealous, that Mother was teaching Elena. She knew it was the only thing I was curious about, but Elena is clever too, so she never told me everything, only enough to tease my interest.

It was almost dinner time by the end of my lesson and we headed downstairs, where the other two were already finished with their lesson, and were setting up the table for dinner. We ate and cleaned up the same way as before, topping it off with an hour more of T.V and then scampering off to bed. I like sleeping. It’s quiet, peaceful, and thoughtful and I like to think, it makes me feel even smarter. In fact, I bet I’ve thought about things even Mother and Father never did. It’s also the only time when my arm doesn’t hurt, but I can feel it pulse. I like to face the window as I sleep, gazing into the cold, cloudy nights outside and counting the leaves that blow off of trees and get stuck in our fencing.

I don’t like the dogs though. Some nights I can hear them bark and it annoys me a lot. We used to have a dog, Mr. Toro Scampers, because he would never sit still and never listen. He used to sleep in between mine and Elena’s room, but he doesn’t sleep with anyone anymore. He never listened, so Father had to send him off. Mother was happy to not have to clean his fur all the time anymore. Elena liked Mr. Toro Scampers because she never had to clean him, I liked him too, but he used to annoy my lessons with father sometimes, asking us to take him outside, which used to get Father fed up.

I don’t want to be like Mr. Toro Scampers, like a dog. I want to be a respectful person, not an animal, a good human person. That’s what my parents always taught me and my sister.

In the morning, we got up earlier to watch Saturday cartoons. We didn’t have lessons on the weekends, Father would work in the garage and Mother would be off at her friend, Ms. Wilco’s house. I liked that very much. Usually they would come back with Chelsea and Margret if they come over for tea, and Elena and I would play with them in our rooms for a few fun hours. It was my favorite part of every week, planning all the things we would play with them once they come over but still end up doing almost the same thing every time. I always found that somewhat funny.

They came a bit later than usual today, around 3 O’ clock, both Ms. Wilco and Ms. Hunter were accompanied inside by Mother, who stood in the entrance hall while we greeted them and then sat down in kitchen and began to prepare tea and sandwiches. Dad came in, said his hellos, and then left to go meet up with his friends. Both Mother’s friends brought along their children, Chelsea, my favorite friend, and Margret, but her little brother Andy wasn’t with her. We ate a few sandwiches with the mothers and then hopped over to Elena’s room to play with a laser pointer that Chelsea brought with her.

It was a fun thing to dart across the room with and after a few rounds of trying to play ‘catch the dot’, we all fell on the mattress, panting. I turned over to Margret and asked her why Andy didn’t come this time.

“Well, he’s not feeling too good, so he couldn’t come.”
I asked her what happened to her spritely little brother and she said that he’s just weak and hasn’t been eating right.

I told her to not worry about not eating too much, Elena and I don’t eat lunch or dinner during the weekends anyways, except those sandwiches.

Margret rolled over to face me, her eyes starting to tear up as she spoke.

“It’s not right what those adults do to us like this…”

Chapter 3 : No, You’re Wrong

Chapter 4 : Where The Bad Goes

Chapter 5 : She Was Right

Chapter 6 : No More Bandages

Chapter 7: Not What I Wanted

Chapter 8: You Are Not Allowed

Chapter 9: Always Lying

Chapter 10: Colder Than Bruises

Chapter 11: In The Night

Chapter 12: All My Innocence


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