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Chapter 5 : She Was Right

Father looked after my back in the morning. He told me that I was strong and that I would be better quickly and that he knew that I will be a good girl. I knew it too.

What I did was wrong, because what Margret did was wrong. So, I tried to show her that it was wrong, but even that was wrong. Teaching is only for mothers and fathers. Not little girls like me. I need to learn more than just the books and toys that Father teaches me, I need to learn respect and control. That’s what makes a good person. Otherwise we are all bad, all selfish, all rude.

After Father as done wiping my back with wet cotton, he put on some cold bandage, and then told me to get ready for lunch. I had gotten up late today, but he said it was okay, because I was tired, and that there was something I had to see for myself at the dining table, something I needed to do.

We walked down to the kitchen to see Ms. Wilco and Ms. Hunter seated next to Mother, each sipping tea and eyeing me as I sat on a chair next to them. I looked around but couldn’t see Chelsea or Elena nearby, or Margret, whom I wanted to apologize to as well.

“How are you feeling dear?” Ms. Wilco asked me.
“I’m well, thank you Ma’am.” I replied, looking at her cup, because starring into the eyes of adults is a rude thing that bad people do.

“How is your back today?” Ms. Hunter asked next.
“I am well, thank you.”

Father was still sanding besides me and told me that the other girls were playing in Elena’s room, and that the mothers wanted to ask me if I was good now. I was a good person now, I know that. But I wasn’t feeling very good and my bandage itched and oozed under my clothes.

Ms. Hunter leaned over the table and told me that Chelsea was strongly reminded last night that she should never behave the way I did. I dipped my head because I was just as embarrassed as Mother, by my actions. Ms. Hunter next looked at everyone for a second and then back at me and asked, “Why did you push Margret yesterday?”

“She said something that was wrong.”

They seemed to have been taken aback by what I had said, and I even felt Father backing away from my chair. They glanced at each other until Ms. Hunter said, “But they all said that you two were playing and you got upset and accidentally pushed her.”

“I did push her Ma’am,” I replied, staring at the drop of green tea dripping down the side of her up, hanging just over Mother’s new table cloth, “but because she said something bad. I’m sorry. I should not have.”

They all leaned in closer, as if I were about to reveal a secret to them all, I felt Father tugging the back of my chair.

“What did she say?” Ms. Wilco asked.

I looked up at everyone’s face, they all seemed focused and curious as to what I had to say, and it almost felt bad that they didn’t know.

“Tell me, why our daughters lied to us about what really happened?” Ms. Hunter added.

There is no escaping the truth and I’m sad that they lied to keep me from the Room, but I did something bad and I needed to be taught to be good. I looked back down onto tea drop, soaking into the texture of the cloth, and spoke.

“She showed us a number to call.”

“You know you aren’t allowed to use the phone,” Mother scolded me, as the rest took a small sigh.

“What was the number for, dear?” Father asked from over my shoulder.

“I’m not sure. It didn’t even look like a real phone number. She found it on a piece of newspaper. It just said 9,1,1.”

Everyone fell back from their seats and their cups fell from their hands. Father gripped and shook me from behind, yelling at me if I was sure, and I nodded. He pushed my chair away as he ran off out of the room and Ms. Hunter approached me and held me by my ponytail.

“You…,” she said, pointing her long red nail at me. “You are horrible children.”

I heard some noise from down the hall, girls screaming and fussing, Eli among them.

“I’m sorry,” I replied to Ms. Hunter. “I’m sorry. What did they do?”

She pulled me across the kitchen with her and I stumbled down the hall with her, where she threw me at Father’s feet.

“You all lied to us.” Father said. “You never try to be good.”

I did, I was good. Father threw open the door and jerked me up by the arm and tossed me into the Room, as I tumbled down the hall and on to the floor. Margret, Chelsea, and Elena rushed towards me, all their faces were wet and sobbing, as they looked up to see Father slam the door and the Room fade to darkness.

It stayed that way for a moment, we could hear each other’s breathing and hearts, as we hugged each other tightly. I didn’t understand what we did wrong. We all behaved and listened and tried to help. Finally, the dim green light flickered above our heads, as we turned around to look towards the increased grumbling from the black box across the room.

It was opening and the grunting and growling was getting louder. Were we really this bad? First one paw clawed out, then a dripping snout, then followed a row of messy, slimy crooked teeth. I saw Mr. Toro Scampers black eye lunge outwards, and his red, dead eye dangle in his head, as he sniffed the floor for a second, while we drew closer in a huddle.

“I’m scared.” Elena whispered.

Toro turned to us.

“I don’t want this again.” Chelsea sobbed.

Toro started pacing towards us.

“Why…what did we do wrong?!” Margret cried out.

Toro had reach us and pounced, barking madly.

Margret was right. They are hurting us. And it’s not right.

Chapter 6 : No More Bandages

Chapter 7: Not What I Wanted

Chapter 8: You Are Not Allowed

Chapter 9: Always Lying

Chapter 10: Colder Than Bruises

Chapter 11: In The Night

Chapter 12: All My Innocence


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