I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 7 of 12)

This Particular story contains content that some might find troublesome
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Chapter 7 : Not What I Wanted

I felt Chelsea tugging my shirt, trying to hold me back, as if she knew what I was wanting to do. I had made up my mind, however, and nothing she could say to me would change that. Mother and Father had been mean to me, and I was an angel. Not only that, I am still an angel. A guardian angel. I am going to keep my friends and my sister safe. I clenched the long leather strip that Chelsea had given me, and waited, listening to every step Father took down the stairs. Toro was running back and forth between the table in front of us and the stairs. Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 7 of 12)”


I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (part 6 of 12)


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Chapter 6: No More Bandages

The chain tugged and Toro fell back on himself, his foamy mouth fizzing with anger as his crooked jaw started to gnaw at the rusted metal holding him a few feet away from us. Eli’s nails were pressing into my skin and hurting me, but I wasn’t worried, perhaps I was doing the same thing to them, but I had no idea. But am I not? Is this not my fault? Margret said something wrong, she did. But I could have just scolded her, I could have talked to her. Instead I decided already, for myself, that she could not understand what she was saying, and needed to be punished, so that she would never cross that line again. I did that. Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (part 6 of 12)”

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