This Particular Story Series Contains Content That Some Might Find Troublesome
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Chapter 8 : You Are Not Allowed

“Get to the kitchen!” I directed Eli, as I reached for her hand and ran towards it, trying to ignore the bashing of Father on the door of the Room, trying to pay attention to the sound of Mother making her way down the stairs and trying to not imagine what sounds my friends were making at the time with Toro hurting them.

We reached the kitchen before I could hear Mother reach near the end of the stairs across the hall and I immediately told Eli to find the phone, as I hurriedly tried to bolt-lock the door. But the kitchen was also connected to the dining room, which was open into the rest of the house. I hoped Mother would try the main door into the kitchen first, to give me some time to get something ready to keep her away.

I started dragging the chairs from the dining room towards the kitchen and made a small wall with them. It wasn’t strong or smart, but it looked like a wall, and that was all I could do. Eli took this time to find the phone, because we never knew where it was, because we weren’t allowed to use it, and could only hear it ringing from the kitchen.

“What do I do?” she asked me, her voice almost breaking off from how hurt she was inside.

I’m so sorry Eli. I’m so sort Margret. I’m so sorry Chelsea. But I am trying to make this right again.

I heard another ‘thud’ sound, this time at the kitchen door, and I knew that Mother was here. Mother did it twice more before backing off and I could hear her running.

“Call the number that Margret told us,” I told Eli.

“How?” she asked back.

I didn’t know how, and I all knew was what I saw on T.V and I hoped that it was correct. There was nothing and no one else that I could trust right now than my own thoughts and I decided to just go with them.

“Pick it up and press the buttons, 9-1-1 and ask for help.” I told her.

I looked towards the dining room but Mother was yet to appear. Maybe she forgot? Maybe she went to get something to hurt us again? No, I don’t think so, they don’t do that outside the Room. Wait… Where is everyone? Where are Ms. Wilco and Ms. Hunter? Did they leave? They never left their own kids at night before, they always stayed, no matter what was happening, whether they were playing or being disciplined. Where are they now?

I look back at Eli, on the counter next to the sink, holding the phone to her face and saying “Help, help, help…” into it.
“What’s happening?” I asked her worriedly, I was feeling strange, this is all so confusing.

“It’s just beeping!” she cried back at me.

I-I-I don’t understand, this worked on T.V, every time. I have nothing else in mind.

“Keep talking to it!” I said to her, trying to keep my voice calm, and controlled around her. She nodded and continued to do what she was doing.

Suddenly Mother appeared into the dining room as I turned my eyes back towards it.

“To whom?”, Mother asked angrily. She was always angrier and meaner than Father. Father never hurt me, he only bandaged me. Mother always did it, she cried when she did, but she did it anyways.

Mother looked behind me at Eli and yelled even angrier, her face flushing into red, “YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T USE THAT!”

Mother stomped towards the chairs and started to push them aside and I ran to my nearest counter and pulled out the knife from the rack. I’ve seen her cut herself with it a few times when she’s chopping the vegetables, and I hoped it would scare her to keep away. It didn’t.

The chairs were thrown aside and all of a sudden there was another ‘thud’ on the kitchen door, louder and then one more, so hard that the door flung open and Father was standing there.

My face swung around to look at Eli and her eyes flew to the phone and lit up and she cried into it, “Yes? Hello? Yes, Please, PLEASE HELP US!!”

Father was probably let out by Mother, who was completely red now, and I could feel every step she took towards me shake the ground. I was scared. If Mother and Father were going to beat me again, I needed to let them know how I felt. I felt angry. For the first time in my life I felt angry at them. My friends were probably still in the Room, and no one helped them. Not even me.

Father ran off behind me towards Eli, who tossed the phone at him and sprinted off the counter, while Mother ran towards me. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was scared and Mother was frightening me even more and I just threw both my hands at her, closing my eyes and screaming. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw myself on my knees and Mother on the floor next to me, the knife stuck in her shoulder and her neck red with the mark of leather. But I didn’t think I touched her.

She didn’t scream or cry, and that me want to cry, but her eyes were wide open and she just stared somewhere between me and the knife in her shoulder, blood slowly dripping down the shiny part, making me feel even more scared.

“AAAAAA!!” Eli cried from behind me and I turned to see her in the arms of Father, who was pressing her against the counter.

Before I could say anything, before I could understand anything or try to figure out what to do or what was happening or why, we all hear a loud ‘BANG’ from the hall, and hear a rush of people running in, saying something I could not hear.

People in blue clothes, black pants, stormed into the kitchen and they had guns, pointing at all of us. I think it was 4 or 6 people, I couldn’t count, I was too scared.

“Get back!”
They yelled at all of us and we each got away from one another, Father let go of Eli.

“On the floor now!”
One of them yelled at us and we all laid on the ground. What do these people want? Who are you?

“What’s going on here?”
The same man asked but I was too scared to answer, my face was trembling against the cold, dirty tiles of the kitchen floor.

‘Which one of you kids called us?”
I managed to peek at Eli but even she was too scared to say or do anything. Were these the people who were supposed to help us? They are scary.

One of them walked next to me and said “Did you call? What’s going on little lady?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

Chapter 9: Always Lying

Chapter 10: Colder Than Bruises

Chapter 11: In The Night

Chapter 12: All My Innocence



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