This Particular Short Story Contains Content That Some Might Find Troublesome
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Chapter 9: Always lying

Those people who ran into our house were police. They took me, Eli, Father and Mother into their cars, in separate cars actually, but kept me and Eli together. They took us to their main place they told us and had us sit inside a small room with only a bench. One of them came in and gave us some biscuits and milk, which was warm and made us both feel nice, tired, and sleepy.

Another man came later and asked me what happened. I didn’t know where to start, so I told him that Mother and Father were beating us and we tried to make them stop. I told them about my friends in the Room, and he said he would have someone check the house for that type of room, also telling me that they did not see any such door the first time. They probably missed it. It’s a thick door, you can’t miss it. I told him about Margret and Chelsea and how they were my friends and could be hurt. He seemed sad and shocked to hear it, but he was brave and told me that he would look for them and try to help. Me and Eli thanked him.

He then asked me what I was doing in that house and I told him that it was my house and I grew up there. He seemed confused for a moment and then asked me where I went to school and where was my favorite park or what was my favorite music to listen to. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. I am a good girl who doesn’t leave the house to do bad and stupid things. He was even more surprised to hear this and then talked to me about Eli, who was now leaning on my shoulder, very sleepy. I told him that she was my younger sister and I loved her dearly. Eli spoke up and said the same thing about me. “My brave, older sister. The best.”
I always wanted her to call me that, but never had I ever thought or wanted it to be in a situation like this.

The nice man named Jeff left after a while and in came a lady, her name was Sally and she was very nice as well. She had a notebook with her and wrote down everything I told her for the same questions that Jeff had asked us. Sally left after that and Jeff came back, with another man called Ben.

They both sat down next to us and asked us how we were doing and if we were sleepy and that they would let us sleep the night at this main place, which made us two very happy.

Then Ben asked us, “Who are your parents? Do you know their names?”
“Yes,” I responded nicely, because Ben was talking very politely with us. “Jenny Lance and Kevin Hays.”

Ben and Jeff looked at each other in concern and then Jeff spoke to me, his voice was low now.
“I’m not sure how to say this easy, but…” he took a small pause and then went on, “Kevin Hays is now in jail.”

Both Eli and I got up hurriedly. Father? In jail. Why? I told them that Mother is the one the beat us, Father only ever tried to bandage us and taught me things, helpful, respectful things.

“Father was the good one,” I told Jeff. “I told you that. Mother used to beat us.”

Jeff and Ben exchanged looks of concern again and Ben spoke this time. “I understand what you went through, but the truth is, this is what is most likely. Jenny Lance beat you because of Kevin Hays.”

That makes no sense. I’ve lived with them, I know what happens. Mother gets mad and hurts us, Father is the kind person on the side who tries to help us feel better. Yes, he got upset this time, but this was the only time. Father would never do that. Never.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” I told Ben.

Ben took a deep breath and then looked at Jeff, asking him if kids should be told such things. Jeff said, “After what they just went through tonight, I think it’s the only time they can be told without it being too much.”

Ben looked down at his feet and then back at us and spoke again, his voice lower and slower, with more pauses.

“Kevin Hays…. was a violent man, I’m sorry to say. He has been known to get drunk, his neighbors and friends were asked, and they told us he used to gamble at home too… I’m sorry to say this, again. It’s in our records that he had been affiliated with a group of people suspected of arranging animal fights…I’m sorry. Also, we examined Jenny, and she confessed that Kevin indeed beat her as well, to keep people from making him upset, and to make him look like a better man than he was…I’m sorry. Even Jenny had a mark on her neck and back, just liked yours kids. I’m sorry.”

Ben, you aren’t making any sense. Father would never, ever do that.

“Mother told you that?” I asked.

“Some of it, yes.,” Jeff answered.

“She’s wrong, Father is a good man.” I corrected them. “Where is she?”

“She’s in a hospital. After Kevin went mad tonight, he hurt her with a knife, and she needed a doctor quickly.” Ben replied.

But Father didn’t hurt her, I did. I didn’t want to tell them that though and I couldn’t understand why Mother would lie about that to the police.

“Did you find my friends?” I asked.

“No,” Ben replied and my heart sank deeper into my chest, my limbs started to feel numb. “We could not find any such room as you mentioned. It was not even on the house blueprints.”

“Its…Its always been there…” my voice quivered.

Ben and Jeff looked at each other and then Jeff asked, “How long have you lived there?”

“Always,” I replied, Eli now slipping down to my lap. “We were born there.”

Ben made a puzzled face and Jeff’s face was sweaty, and he spoke after a while, “No, you two were not born there.”

What? What does that mean? I don’t remember us moving, we never left the house. Where else could we have been born?
I didn’t need to ask, Ben answered me anyways.

“Jenny and Kevin do not have any medical records of children. We looked up all their documents. You two aren’t theirs.”

My heart reached some end of my stomach where I felt I was eating it and dying from the agony of not knowing where all this was coming from. I’ve lived with Mother and Father forever, in our little house and that Room in the hall, with a good man and a horrible woman. How can all that never have happened?

“This is too much, we know and we are sorry,” Jeff apologized. “But we did not want to keep secrets from you to haunt your life. Please get some rest. Tomorrow morning, we shall show you the orphanage from where you were claimed. They were contacted and agreed to take your responsibility.”

I do not know where they took us or what we slept on, but I know that I did not dream that night, as I could not think about anything anymore. Everything I was told, was a lie about what I was actually living. Or was what I was living the lie, to keep everything about that lie hidden from me? My head hurts, my back sores, my arms are weary and my heart is heavy and burning. It was the worst sleep I ever had.

In the morning, they gave us a suitcase of clothes from our house, some of the things we asked for, and refused to take us back there, so that we were not reminded of the horrors that happened. What they don’t realize is that I cannot forget.

They drove in the police car, across busy, loud, dusty, and cold roads, to a stop near an old, big, black house, that looked more like a big church. We walked out and Jeff took our suitcases from the trunk of the car, then took us inside the building, towards the big front desk and rang the bell on it. He told us that the people in charge here had a lot of kids our age and that we would enjoy our stay here. His little radio then went off and he said he had to go, so he bid us good-bye, gave us a hug and left.

Eli and I stood in front of the desk, for a minute, looking at each other and trying not to talk about anything and make a good impression as we were taught. The door behind the desk opened and two ladies walked out, and immediately, Eli and I held hands, as my heart tugged at me in pain.

Ms. Wilco and Ms. Hunter stood there smiling at us, then walked over to us and picked up our suitcases and opened a door to our right for us to go into.

“Lovely to see you again my dears.”

How is this nightmare still be happening?


(Picture Credit to Respective Owners)

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