(Spoken Word Poetry)


You laid sand upon you dearly departed

An affliction struck you and left you half-hearted

You begged it to be over, but oh no, it had just started

Did you reckon it’s over just because they’ve parted?

No, this emptiness will go on and the burden shall grow

A salient ailment for you alone

As he tries to remand and tries to atone

To pick up the phone and call his friends

But the call never connects, the caller never sends

A message, he relishes to stay in his own depravity

Locked in the confines of his sanctity

Asking himself “why this was done to me”

The darkness of his mind becoming his enemy

As the voices bubble and gather so loud

Mocking and judging in every sound

“Just stay away”, you act out

To those who approach, to those who try

To care in your despair, then why

Are your hopes not renewed?

For I deduce this ruse you used

Is an excuse you produced to confuse

Those that care, to continue in your abuse

Of yourself, to poison your mind

And retreat into a person they wouldn’t find-

-In Any semblance of the man they once beloved

Now consumed in rage, a being corrupt

A façade of bravado you raised to abrupt

And halt the advancement of any aid

For you have no need nor want to be saved

You know whats at heart and why you are depraved

Of the softness of love and the tenderness of touch

The warmth of kindness and all that such

You once held dear is now smeared into dust

Whilst you question your place and existence in life

Counting the weights of your virtues and vice

And glaring at your hands in spite

For they failed you once, but will they fail you twice?

Weighing the outcomes in grief and scorn

Pain and sadness are all you’ve known

Surely this life means something more?




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