You know the name, at least now you do (pssst it’s Mujtaba)
Old enough to see my world and young enough to enjoy it. (wing it)
Expect some unorthodox forms of writing
I am Sir Writes-Alot

I’ve always enjoyed the concept of picking up a random idea in my head and transforming it into literature. It’s meant to sound fancy, though what I really mean to say is that I like slapping to paper whatever storm goes through my head. I’ve been writing for a while now and this seems to be my first real laboring effort to gain any progress in that field. Honestly the concept of being ‘expected to write’ is annoying to me (even if no one actually does). So I just write for fun, and will continue to do so till either that fun dies or…well, you know.
Expect humorous satire , some deep stuff, some dark stuff and some experimental stuff in this Blog.
On board?

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