Rested Dreamers

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If your dreams can’t become reality
Then make it your reality to dream

(Fair warning : Use advice in responsible doses. This writer  will not be responsible for people overdosing on this advice and its adverse effects on their practical lives.)

photo is googled, I do not know who’s it is, but its epic



This script features characters depicting modern characters in a satirical version of the knight’s era.
Starring : The Feminazi, Jacob
The Offender, Marvin
The Offended, Lee
The Lazy Bum, Hans


( An emissary from the Northern Isle of Scotia enters the Great Hall of King Arthur, followed by a legion of armed escort)
Emissary : O Great King Arthur, Ruler of the land of the Southern Isles, Harvester of of the First Crop, Lord of the Golden Army, Hand of the Line of Nobles and Emperor of the Holy Grail, we are truly grateful for you having us in your audience this evening

Arthur : (Bouncing in this throne and nudging his adviser Jacob) Did you hear all those lovely titles by which she addressed me?

(From below the throne’s stairs spoke the Royal announcer Lee)
Lee : Surely you know she is not referring to you sire. By fact I believe that the emissary is mislead…

Arthur : Shhhhh

Emissary : I am Lady Olivia from the Scarlet Kingdom of…

Arthur : Yeah yeah yeah, just go on about me. You had such nice things to say.

Olivia : I beg your pardon?

Arthur : Oh not this again (scratching his head). Son are we doing pardons this week?

(First Son Hans slouched on a throne next to his father’s)

Hans : I do not recall, really.

Arthur : Well, I have nothing planned, so I guess I could do just one decision now.

Olivia : I’m sorry I do not understand ,my Liege.

Arthur : Royal jester, state the accused of her crimes before I announce my judgment of pardon or punishment.

(Rolling into the hall comes the royal jester Marvin) Continue reading “THE KNIGHTS OF OLD TODAY BUT YESTERDAY”


(satire poetry)


Come here little one, so lost you seem
Dark and cruel, this world can be
Let me teach you how to succeed

Let me teach you how to think
As character blooms from one’s inner-self
I’ll sow the thoughts that need to sink

 So, let me teach you your ambitions
For my will longs to see you strong
For I fear you wants, your bad decisions

Then let me teach you with what to speak
Since manners cannot run foul
I’ll liven you up in a world this bleak

After, let me teach you where to go
For wandering souls go astray
I’ll draw up the map that you will follow

Also, let me guide you with who to follow
Filter out the words unwanted
To protect you from grief and sorrow

 Why not, let me teach you who to trust
Since such traits run scarce
Better resolved than wanderlust

 So heed my words O innocent child
I enter your life only for your guidance
To tame you up in a world this wild

Surely you can trust me…


LOG-IN no:2

20th March, 2016

One would assume that the most likely cause of overdosing to death is by drugs. That one wasn’t me. I’m never wrong. Slightly off topic when discussing points outside my domain of dominance, yes. But never wrong. Back to the ‘one’. He/She is an idiot (She kept capital to keep the feminazis at bay). ‘10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Atmosphere Pollution’ pop-up ads led me to the undeniable conclusion that people are more likely to overdose on common poisonous gases in the atmosphere than by drugs.

In fact, a small research on a social blog by an anonymous bipolar writer showed that more people died OUTSIDE of a lead pipe factory by poisonous air than by drug overdosing (which was , however, predominant INSIDE the factory). I knew then and there that the topic for my next subject regarding the content of which I shall write would be regarding drugs overdose. So here we go. Continue reading “2 : A BRIEF TITLED DIARY OF AN UNPUBLISHED, SOCIALLY AWKWARD, ASPIRING FREELANCE JOURNALIST”


LOG-IN no: 1

1st March, 2016

So then, I decided to kick start this diary from today after much in depth and careful decision making from last night’s hangover (too much coffee). I came  across my flare and innate talent for journalism some while ago and decided to waste no time in pursuing it. However,  most offices didn’t see  eye to eye with me on this and demanded that I produce some sort of a degree or award in the field. Having just unearthed my talent recently I had no such “official” degree behind me. It only fueled my passion for the work and I declared that I would make a name for myself as a freelance writer until I earned my stripes in the official institution of journalism  and proved my worth and passion to the industry. The chairman heard my hearty banter and had his two best bodyguards give me the  VIP treatment out the backdoor.  The kind of hands-on respect I deserved (no joke).

Brace yourself world,  there’s a new shark on the loose and it’s hungry for fresh,  unrefined, mature, unadulterated and truthful facts….  It’s a  very  specific shark.

I shall dig out stories from the deepest oceans,  the steepest mountains, the most bloodthirsty savannas, the darkest pits and the most treacherous rapids.  Generally  wherever there are fewer people.  Yeah I’m not a people lover.  As in,  I love some  people,  but not all. Like only some specific people do i love,  the rest are like passer-byers – if passer-byers were like slimy, slithery, droopy,  ewww slugs. What I’m saying is that some specific people are okay,  the rest really shouldn’t be there,  they throw me off my groove. I don’t think that you need people to tell a great story  to people. Just me,  my stuff, my story and then the people can come and applaud. And I shall smile.

I vow to uncover an unsung story every day

6th March, 2016

Okay maybe not everyday.  Cut me some slack,  art takes times.  Picasso  wasn’t born finger painting abstract art,  he developed  it over the years and died perfecting – and a bit of regretting – it.

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