Hi ya’ll.

After another 4 month hiatus, expect the writing to resume soon.

Till then, I’m glad to share some of the other projects I’ve been working on, namely making background music (intended for my stories) to set the atmosphere while I’m writing.

I’m also working on a grand concept music for the entirety of a reading segment I would like to upload in the future. Lets see how that goes.

With out further ado, here’s the most recent one.

As always, picture credits to their respective owners.

Mujtaba: Sir-Writes-Alot

Bliss Upon My Lover

Bliss Upon My Lover

The child of my body, asleep in my arms
I rock and spin him, perfectly graced
Then settle him down in his new cradle
And cuddle him warmth in the night, embraced


I whisk my pride from atop the sofa
And carry him down the hall, to bed
He tugs my beard as I lay him down
Tucked and tired, I kiss his head


I displace my lover up, from table to rest
Lowered down, the coffin sways
I weep upon the mound of dirt
And pray for them my life away


The more I think
The more you dream
The more these ambitions
Seem less to be

Relentless they accused
Relentless we denied
The truth of the matter
Lay buried behind

Sinless he steals
And sinless she swindles
As the weight of sin
Does slowly dwindle

Adoption of anguish
Adoption of deceit
The structures of justice
Fall victims to conceit

Hollow they prayed
And hollow they forgave
To the unhindered kings
And shallowest of knaves

In the most muted of nights
In the most muted of hearts
These saints of misdeeds
Do vice impart

Waging war on the body of mind
Waging war on the foundation of ideals
We cheer not these barbaric acts
Our arms drop dead and heads kneel

My Heart and Soul in hope, unite
My Heart and Soul in doubt, segment
Two polar intuitions, in a vessel, bound
Only one, of which, was ever present

(picture credit to owner)

A Candle’s Worth

A Candle’s Worth

A King lay sleeping in his kingdom fair
He awakens late in his castle spire
And jumps off his mattress lush
Walking about in a silken attire

Peeking out the window, glancing around
He saw none of the majesty assumed
Contrary to the vision of gleaming sights
Lay a town beneath in dark consumed

If all houses can’t bear a candlelight,
Then what is the point of gold this much?
His depressed mind inquired his heart
For what is the worth of a kingdom such?

An old beggar awoke on the kingdom floor
His mouth ran dry from frosty nights
As a little boy threw him corn
Staring at him through a lantern’s light

Diminished clothes on the beggar’s back
Nothing worth a second look
Cold on the street, scurrying around
Less he was, the more he took

A little dull man in a glimmering town
His repute was none, his worth mere
He stood pounding his head in rock
For what is the worth of a beggar here?

A bright kingdom engulfed in dark
Where a candle’s warmth had contrasting worth
Perceptive desire brought about by a value
Inherited and ordained, decreed at birth

Rested Dreamers

photo-1427348693976-99e4aca06bb9 (1)

If your dreams can’t become reality
Then make it your reality to dream

(Fair warning : Use advice in responsible doses. This writer  will not be responsible for people overdosing on this advice and its adverse effects on their practical lives.)

photo is googled, I do not know who’s it is, but its epic

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