The Trails Run Frail (Part 5/5)

The Trails Run Frail (Part 5/5)
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Part 5



How did I get here? It’s all happening too fast, too loud. I need some silence. I need to recollect. I’m here now, I know that, but I wasn’t always. No, I wasn’t, I remember being outside, in the rain, pouring down an ocean on me. They were after me back then, they didn’t get me. Now I’m here. I came here for the quiet, but it’s not. It’s too loud, too many people, and not any good people. No, wait, there was one. Continue reading “The Trails Run Frail (Part 5/5)”





This script features characters depicting modern characters in a satirical version of the knight’s era.
Starring : The Feminazi, Jacob
The Offender, Marvin
The Offended, Lee
The Lazy Bum, Hans


( An emissary from the Northern Isle of Scotia enters the Great Hall of King Arthur, followed by a legion of armed escort)
Emissary : O Great King Arthur, Ruler of the land of the Southern Isles, Harvester of of the First Crop, Lord of the Golden Army, Hand of the Line of Nobles and Emperor of the Holy Grail, we are truly grateful for you having us in your audience this evening

Arthur : (Bouncing in this throne and nudging his adviser Jacob) Did you hear all those lovely titles by which she addressed me?

(From below the throne’s stairs spoke the Royal announcer Lee)
Lee : Surely you know she is not referring to you sire. By fact I believe that the emissary is mislead…

Arthur : Shhhhh

Emissary : I am Lady Olivia from the Scarlet Kingdom of…

Arthur : Yeah yeah yeah, just go on about me. You had such nice things to say.

Olivia : I beg your pardon?

Arthur : Oh not this again (scratching his head). Son are we doing pardons this week?

(First Son Hans slouched on a throne next to his father’s)

Hans : I do not recall, really.

Arthur : Well, I have nothing planned, so I guess I could do just one decision now.

Olivia : I’m sorry I do not understand ,my Liege.

Arthur : Royal jester, state the accused of her crimes before I announce my judgment of pardon or punishment.

(Rolling into the hall comes the royal jester Marvin) Continue reading “THE KNIGHTS OF OLD TODAY BUT YESTERDAY”




I create figures from sand
At the bottom of the ocean

I create an army of stick-men
In a house of matches

I create an ice
Below which, the sky slithers

I create houses of leaves
In Autumn’s glory

I create empty graves
For each thought I discard

I create a mother’s warmth
For the orphan to cuddle

I create the skin
Which I tattoo with my memories

I create humanity
From shadows at night

I create thunder clouds
From morning mists

I create the fantasies
Within which all these are realized


You may find these verses to be ironic and that is somewhat the point.
Read them from a different perspective, not by what they say, but by what they mean and you will share a glimpse into how I write.

There are many joys to writing, though probably none as satisfying as being able to convey my thoughts and ideas to others through a medium by which they not only understand on a personal level, but are also able to understand it in their own unique way. This path of individuality, all the way from the writer to the reader is the beauty of creative writing, with which comes the freedom of writing. The freedom, to be able to do and say whatever I want, just by using a few words, in a way that actually gives the look and feel of reality, without the parts that drag us down. The freedom of being able to create. That’s what I enjoy most about writing. The ability to create.