The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:6)

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Chapter 6: Break

Their stares remained interlocked for a few heated moments, the atmosphere thickening in the backdrop as the damp wood finally grazed flame and puffed out thick clouds of soot.  Zaka tried to calculate the scenario in his head, while Zarah considered the possibility of his intentions. “He’s just making fun of me… Is he? Just like they did.”

What got into her all of a sudden? She wouldn’t bring her parents up if she was so defensive about them? Venting?

Zarah released her grip as Zaka timidly lowered his shoulders, both shifting blades of grass in their hands. The wind blew from behind them, clearing the air of the depositing carbon, likewise loosening the suffocation on the pair’s dialogue.

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Hi ya’ll.

After another 4 month hiatus, expect the writing to resume soon.

Till then, I’m glad to share some of the other projects I’ve been working on, namely making background music (intended for my stories) to set the atmosphere while I’m writing.

I’m also working on a grand concept music for the entirety of a reading segment I would like to upload in the future. Lets see how that goes.

With out further ado, here’s the most recent one.

As always, picture credits to their respective owners.

Mujtaba: Sir-Writes-Alot

The Trails Run Frail (Part 5/5)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Part 5



How did I get here? It’s all happening too fast, too loud. I need some silence. I need to recollect. I’m here now, I know that, but I wasn’t always. No, I wasn’t, I remember being outside, in the rain, pouring down an ocean on me. They were after me back then, they didn’t get me. Now I’m here. I came here for the quiet, but it’s not. It’s too loud, too many people, and not any good people. No, wait, there was one. Continue reading “The Trails Run Frail (Part 5/5)”

Rested Dreamers

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If your dreams can’t become reality
Then make it your reality to dream

(Fair warning : Use advice in responsible doses. This writer  will not be responsible for people overdosing on this advice and its adverse effects on their practical lives.)

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