The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:6)

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Chapter 6: Break

Their stares remained interlocked for a few heated moments, the atmosphere thickening in the backdrop as the damp wood finally grazed flame and puffed out thick clouds of soot.  Zaka tried to calculate the scenario in his head, while Zarah considered the possibility of his intentions. “He’s just making fun of me… Is he? Just like they did.”

What got into her all of a sudden? She wouldn’t bring her parents up if she was so defensive about them? Venting?

Zarah released her grip as Zaka timidly lowered his shoulders, both shifting blades of grass in their hands. The wind blew from behind them, clearing the air of the depositing carbon, likewise loosening the suffocation on the pair’s dialogue.

Mockery? Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:6)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:5)

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Chapter 5: Moth


The front door flung open as Zaka stomped inside, slamming it behind himself as he moved down the unlit hall towards the staircase. The overhanging chandelier burst the room into brightness as Aya appeared in the walkway, looked concernedly at her little boy, who only paused to acknowledge her presence and ascended upwards. The lady however, was persistent in her care and followed him upstairs, only to be met with a door to her face.

Aya waited a few patient minutes, listening to the boy rummaging through his closet and shifting on his chair and then his bed, until eventually knocking nonstop on his thick black door. The young man inside had his face buried in his pillow, using it to muffle the sound and will it away. But he couldn’t do that to Aya and got up to attend the door.

“What’s the matter” he inquired impatiently. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:5)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:4)

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Chapter 4: Appeal

October accompanied the city with the habitual Western depression rain showers that further added to the humidity and coupled itself with the first signs of wintry chills. Every early morning from here on out till the start of Spring would feature mild to moderate to thick blankets of fog that distort all vision, work and travel. It’s a featured element of the State of Punjab, though Rawalpindi is spared the severity of it due to its hilly locality, although this attributes to colder temperatures and frosty dew. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:4)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch: 3)

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Chapter 3: Speck


“Log in:

The 3 weeks following my first formal encounter with Zarah were spent systematically implanting my presence into her daily routine. This is easy to accomplish, since social norms prevent me from talking to her or getting too close to her on a normal basis, which leaves me with the comfortable position of just walking by. I stopped taking the transit shuttles running within the university and walked all the way from the main parking lot besides the gated entrance, mapping out my route towards my biology and Natural Sciences complex to always have me make a shortcut through the Arts and Humanities area. So, as it would be perceived, fate would have me within walking distance from her every school day around noon. Of course, I don’t expect her nor myself to walk up to each other anytime soon and that’s just fine, since this leaves the brewing of reasoning to the imagination. When we do meet again, and she expresses any indication of seeing me walk by every day, the manner in which it is brought up would be highly suggestive of her thought process and within what light she perceives me to be. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch: 3)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:2)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Caress


“Log in:

This initial paragraph is to reply in detail to username Zemon789 regarding an inquiry of my methodology used a week ago in modifying the behavior of my subjects to achieve a desired result. You referred to it as “manipulation of natural data” and claimed that it falsifies anything I conclude from it afterwards. To clarify the situation Zemon789, I have already concluded their behaviors have I not? The fact that I can accurately predict their actions and alter them to my desired outcome is proof that I have achieved the knowledge I wanted from them. Yes, that does not give me natural data from them, but I do not seek it anymore. I cannot laud over my laurels, but tread onwards to bigger, higher targets. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:2)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch: 1)

Chapter 1: The Stage

“Humanistic theory psychology attempts to study the individual with focus of self-worth and motivation, stemming from the understanding of self-actualization. There has been a rise in the fascination of ‘self’ recently, a concept of reflection and deeper understanding of one’s own desires and motivations. I am no exception to this rule, although I argue the roots of its origin. From a tender age I was drawn towards the aspects of ones-self that is presented to society, sculpted and polished to match a desired outcome, to provoke a stimulus. To put it mildly, people are fake.  Trying to subliminally influence responses and compliments, stares and envy from one another, with an added layer of ‘I’m not even trying’. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch: 1)”

I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (Prt 12/12)

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Chapter 12: All My Innocence

I did not see Elena for the next few months, but then one day, the nurses took me to the visiting room and sitting across the glass were Eli and Andy, smiling happily at me and saying things that I could not hear. This was my first ever visit and I was told that I only get 15 minutes.

I took my seat across the glass from Eli and Andy and the tiny speaker in front of me buzzed and opened, till I could hear her. She was so happy that she was crying, I’m sure I was, and Andy was trying to keep her good enough to talk to me.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” they both greeted me. Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (Prt 12/12)”

I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (Part 11 of 12)

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Chapter 11: In The Night

I pushed Andy off my bed and he fell a few feet to the floor, yelling as he hit the ground, grasping his thick head in pain. The kids around us first stood still, staring at Andy, then up at me and then moved away from both of us and towards their games. The bell rung and everyone froze in their spot again, even Eli, but I hopped off the bed and stood over Andy, who was now biting his lips to not scream. His eyes were tearing.

The doors flung open and Ms. Hunter marched in randomly pointing to kids in the room yelling “I heard screaming!” Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (Part 11 of 12)”

I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (Prt 10 of 12)

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Chapter 10: Colder Than Bruises

They led us down a large room with a table stretched though out it and little wooden stools around it, then through another door into a room that only had a staircase in the middle and some cabinets behind it. Ms. Wilco lead me and Eli up the stairs while Ms. Hunter said that she would “Check us in.” I did not know what that meant, they already brought us inside, what else do they need to check? Eli held my hand throughout and Ms. Wilco would occasionally look back at us and pass a smile that only made me feel worse. Did she not know what happened to Mother and Father? Did she not worry about her own daughter? Did she even care? Or was she like Mother, and wicked. Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (Prt 10 of 12)”

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