(Spoken Word Poetry)


You laid sand upon you dearly departed

An affliction struck you and left you half-hearted

You begged it to be over, but oh no, it had just started

Did you reckon it’s over just because they’ve parted?

No, this emptiness will go on and the burden shall grow

A salient ailment for you alone

As he tries to remand and tries to atone

To pick up the phone and call his friends

But the call never connects, the caller never sends

A message, he relishes to stay in his own depravity

Locked in the confines of his sanctity

Asking himself “why this was done to me”

The darkness of his mind becoming his enemy

As the voices bubble and gather so loud

Mocking and judging in every sound

“Just stay away”, you act out

To those who approach, to those who try

To care in your despair, then why

Are your hopes not renewed?

For I deduce this ruse you used

Is an excuse you produced to confuse

Those that care, to continue in your abuse

Of yourself, to poison your mind

And retreat into a person they wouldn’t find-

-In Any semblance of the man they once beloved

Now consumed in rage, a being corrupt

A façade of bravado you raised to abrupt

And halt the advancement of any aid

For you have no need nor want to be saved

You know whats at heart and why you are depraved

Of the softness of love and the tenderness of touch

The warmth of kindness and all that such

You once held dear is now smeared into dust

Whilst you question your place and existence in life

Counting the weights of your virtues and vice

And glaring at your hands in spite

For they failed you once, but will they fail you twice?

Weighing the outcomes in grief and scorn

Pain and sadness are all you’ve known

Surely this life means something more?




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The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:8)

Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch7 

Chapter 8: Evanescence

The bitterness of the January winds had begun to showcase themselves during the onset of the semester finals. Students of all academic caliber tested their mettle against the unrelenting barrage of swift examinations that their faculty flung at them mercilessly. One after another a student would exit the hall early and shove their palm into their eyes to console the tears that follow, knowing that the best they had to offer would not suffice amongst the heated competition. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:8)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:7)

Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6


Chapter 7: Modest

He awoke to the sight of a luminescent object at the foot of his bed, immobile and silent. It was ovular and from the curvature at the top he could make out the shape of a small head, long white hair simmering down and covering the figure from distinguishable view. He sat up and halted as his eyes adjusted to the faintness of the night, holding his breath and processing. Near the base of the white he could identify tiny digits, probably toes and gauged the tight position which the strange figure maintained. They both sat near the opposite ends of the bed frame under the glimmer of moonlight that shone down through the large window adjacent to them. He couldn’t look away from her since he knew there was nothing aside from her in the room. Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:7)”

The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:6)

Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5


Chapter 6: Break

Their stares remained interlocked for a few heated moments, the atmosphere thickening in the backdrop as the damp wood finally grazed flame and puffed out thick clouds of soot.  Zaka tried to calculate the scenario in his head, while Zarah considered the possibility of his intentions. “He’s just making fun of me… Is he? Just like they did.”

What got into her all of a sudden? She wouldn’t bring her parents up if she was so defensive about them? Venting?

Zarah released her grip as Zaka timidly lowered his shoulders, both shifting blades of grass in their hands. The wind blew from behind them, clearing the air of the depositing carbon, likewise loosening the suffocation on the pair’s dialogue.

Mockery? Continue reading “The Reclamation of Zarah Baloch (Novella Ch:6)”

Bliss Upon My Lover

Bliss Upon My Lover

The child of my body, asleep in my arms
I rock and spin him, perfectly graced
Then settle him down in his new cradle
And cuddle him warmth in the night, embraced


I whisk my pride from atop the sofa
And carry him down the hall, to bed
He tugs my beard as I lay him down
Tucked and tired, I kiss his head


I displace my lover up, from table to rest
Lowered down, the coffin sways
I weep upon the mound of dirt
And pray for them my life away

I’m Sorry – I Don’t Understand (part 8 of 12)

This Particular Story Series Contains Content That Some Might Find Troublesome
Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch6, Ch7

Chapter 8 : You Are Not Allowed

“Get to the kitchen!” I directed Eli, as I reached for her hand and ran towards it, trying to ignore the bashing of Father on the door of the Room, trying to pay attention to the sound of Mother making her way down the stairs and trying to not imagine what sounds my friends were making at the time with Toro hurting them. Continue reading “I’m Sorry – I Don’t Understand (part 8 of 12)”

I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 7 of 12)

This Particular story contains content that some might find troublesome
P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6

Chapter 7 : Not What I Wanted

I felt Chelsea tugging my shirt, trying to hold me back, as if she knew what I was wanting to do. I had made up my mind, however, and nothing she could say to me would change that. Mother and Father had been mean to me, and I was an angel. Not only that, I am still an angel. A guardian angel. I am going to keep my friends and my sister safe. I clenched the long leather strip that Chelsea had given me, and waited, listening to every step Father took down the stairs. Toro was running back and forth between the table in front of us and the stairs. Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 7 of 12)”

I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 5 of 12)


Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4

Chapter 5 : She Was Right

Father looked after my back in the morning. He told me that I was strong and that I would be better quickly and that he knew that I will be a good girl. I knew it too.

What I did was wrong, because what Margret did was wrong. So, I tried to show her that it was wrong, but even that was wrong. Teaching is only for mothers and fathers. Not little girls like me. I need to learn more than just the books and toys that Father teaches me, I need to learn respect and control. That’s what makes a good person. Otherwise we are all bad, all selfish, all rude.

After Father as done wiping my back with wet cotton, he put on some cold bandage, and then told me to get ready for lunch. I had gotten up late today, but he said it was okay, because I was tired, and that there was something I had to see for myself at the dining table, something I needed to do. Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 5 of 12)”

I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 4 of 12)

This Particular Series Contains Content That Some Could Find Troubling
Chapter 1 : The Perfect Family
Chapter 2 : It’s Not Right
Chapter 3 : No, You’re Wrong

Chapter 4 : Where The Bad Goes

I was pinching my fingernails, I was scared. It didn’t take long for the mothers to hear Margret’s crying, and they rushed into a room with her holding her head and sobbing, while the three of us looked on. Elena was trying to hide behind me from Mother, who looked composed, but we knew what was to follow.

“What happened dear?” Margret’s mother asked.
“I fell.”
“What? Oh dear, what nonsense!”
This was going to get all of us in trouble if I didn’t speak up. So, I took a step forward, shook Elena off my arm and announced to the mothers, “I pushed her, and I’m sorry.” Continue reading “I’m Sorry- I Don’t Understand (prt 4 of 12)”

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